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Last Updated: August 16, 2023, 10:27 IST

She has progressed marvellously in the last two months.

Roshni’s son Ajay Sangwan is a gym trainer by profession and he has now started training his mother

For the most part, the proverb age is just a number that holds true as there is really no restriction on learning something new or performing an activity other than the social constraints laid on us. The same cannot be said for extreme physical sports like weightlifting or athleticism. Our body does wear down with age with our muscles and bones getting weaker.

People who have been into physical sports from an early age can continue doing so well into their later years but to start it at a late age is something that is not usually seen. That requires extremely strong willpower and perseverance and hence anyone who can accomplish that feat deserves special mention. And that is why we are here to talk about 68-year-old Roshni Sangwan.

Roshni’s son Ajay Sangwan is a gym trainer by profession and he has now started training his mother in the gym. He keeps sharing videos of his mother training at the gym on his Instagram page WeightlifterMummy. He has posted many videos of his mother with interesting motivational captions. She is seen performing exercises like reverse grip pulldowns, crunches, deadlifts and even some cardio with a battle rope.

Ajay Sangwan says that his mother had multiple limb injuries and had no flexibility and strength, which made it difficult to do her household chores. Since her son was already a gym instructor, she decided to get fitter and stronger at the age of 68 by training under her son’s guidance. Ajay says that she has progressed marvellously in the two months that she has been training.

While Roshni’s dedication and efforts are really inspiring, it is important to note that starting your fitness journey at such a late age is not easy and requires strong and dedicated guidance along with safety precautionary measures. If you are elderly and are inspired to join a gym after watching these videos, make sure that you have proper guidance.

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