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Last Updated: September 07, 2023, 06:59 IST

Washington D.C., United States of America (USA)

Mary Millben was invited to perform during the Indian Diaspora event in Washington on June 23 this year. (Credits: Twitter/Mary Millben)

Mary Millben praises Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s proposal to include the African Union in the G20, emphasizing global cooperation and representation

Popular US actress and singer Mary Millben has praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his proposal to include the African Union (AU) as a full member of the G20.

“I applaud Prime Minister Modi’s proposal to include the African Union as a full member of the G20. The global south can now shape policies impacting our world,” Millben said in a video message. The 41-year-old African-American singer is well known in India for her rendition of India’s national anthem and religious song ‘Om Jai Jagdish Hare’.

In the video, Millben emphasised that “the enduring friendship between the US and India must also champion this cause. A cause that ensures all voices are represented in solving the world’s most challenging problems.”

PM Modi last week told PTI that Africa is a “top priority” for India and that it works for the inclusion of those in global affairs who feel their voices are not being heard. He said India backs inclusion of the AU as a full member of the Group of 20 largest economies as no plan for the future of the planet can be successful without the representation and recognition of all voices.

Millben, who sang India’s national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’ at an event in June in the US during Modi’s visit, said Africa, my ancestral motherland, is an untapped continent with tremendous economic potential waiting to be unleashed. “India is prepared to be Africa’s steadfast partner in realising this promise. The United States must also be a greater partner in Africa’s growth story,” Millben said.

“We will strive for a just world order where developing nations have equal access to renewable energy, clean water, nutritious food, and affordable health care. Together, we will write a new chapter based on ‘South by South’ cooperation,” she said.

The popular US singer stressed how the Indian diaspora in Africa and the African diaspora in India have preserved the heritage of the motherland while assimilating into local cultures. This cross-pollination of traditions has enriched both societies, she noted.

“Equally, the US-India partnership is founded on shared values of democracy, liberty, and innovation. It’s a relationship that holds immense potential, not just for the two nations but for the world at large,” Millben said.

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