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iOS 17 is bringing some nifty new features to iPhones; among them are some changes to the Phone app, including Contact Posters, live voicemail transcriptions, and a position for the ‘end call’ button, which had been moved from the centre of the screen to the right. Now, the ‘end call’ button has been moved back to the centre, after it caught some flak from users over the last week.

The ‘end call’ button is back to its usual centre position in the iOS 17 sixth developer beta and fourth public beta.
In the latest betas, the end call button has been repositioned to a more central location, similar to iOS 16, but it is still surrounded by other call actions, which were previously separate.

So, there might not be much muscle memory training needed once the iOS 17 update drops in the fall. However, those using the iOS 17 beta for a few weeks now, who would have adjusted to the new layout, would have to train their muscle memory again.
Apple often releases beta versions of their software to test for bugs and gather feedback. It is not necessary that these changes will show up in the final version and may undergo changes based on user feedback.
In iOS 17, Messages is receiving numerous new features such as Live Stickers, audio message transcription, and Swipe to Reply. However, Apple has redesigned the way users interact with iMessage apps by hiding the app list under a “+” button that expands when tapped. The Camera and Photos buttons are also hidden under this menu, making it more difficult to access these features that previously had their own shortcuts.
Sending a photo now requires extra taps. Despite this, Apple has added a discreet shortcut to alleviate this issue. By tapping and holding the “+” button, iMessage will automatically show the Photo Picker.
iOS 17 is set to release in September alongside the iPhone 15.

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