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Akash Choudhary was attacked by a fan in Mumbai.

Bhagya Lakshmi fame Akash Choudhary was recently attacked by a fan with a plastic bottle.

In a shocking video that has surfaced on social media, Bhagya Lakshmi actor Akash Choudhary was attacked by some fans, by chucking a plastic water bottle at him. As per reports, the actor was on his way to attend some event, when some fans swarmed hum for a selfie. After obliging them, when the actor turned his back, one of them was capturing throwing a water bottle at Akash.

The video that was shared by the popular paparazzo handle Viral Bhayani, shows what actually happened. In the clip, we can see two individuals taking selfies with Akash and one of them, dressed in a black Kurta, aggressively gestured to throw a water bottle at him. To that, Akash can be heard saying, “Kya Kar Raha Hai Bhai?”. Following that, the other two fans frisked that person away. However, as soon as Akash turned his back, the individual appears in the camera, throwing a plastic bottle at the actor. Akash promptly turned and can be seen calling that individual ‘idiot’.

Here’s the clip:

While it remains largely unclear what led to this kind of reaction from the person, it’s being reported that some fans were requesting him for selfies but since there were people from the media present at the scene, the actor decided to give them bytes and the proceed with taking pictures with the fans. However, this allegedly irritated somebody as they had to wait for the media bytes to finish, thus resulting in the attack.

Back in July, Akash Choudhary had a narrow escape from a road accident, leaving him shaken and grateful to have survived the harrowing ordeal.

Talking about the incident with The Times of India, the actor had said, “I found myself torn between fear and gratitude. When the truck bumped us, I couldn’t even realize what happened. We emerged unscathed, but the incident left me shaken, restless and sleepless.” As reported, he was on vacation with his dog on Saturday when a truck driver crashed into his car. However, they were lucky enough that they didn’t get any injuries.

Coming back to Akash, he is seen playing an important role in the Tv show Bhagya Lakshmi.

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