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Remember Clubhouse? The app caught the fancy of many during the pandemic as the audio-only social network. The novelty didn’t last for too long and more so because Twitter — that’s what it was called back then — launched a similar feature called Spaces. Now, Clubhouse wants to make a ‘comeback’ with a new feature in the app. In a blog post, the company announced the feature and its future plans. It is still a voice/audio feature but with a twist.

Chats is Clubhouse’s new feature

Chat is a voice-only group chat but with just your friends/followers. According to Clubhouse, Chats are much faster than text, so your groups share more and have “more colour and stories, more nuance, and more off-the-record stuff that they would never spend the time to type up.” Furthermore, Chats are also transcribed automatically and translated into your language, so you can read them on the go, and even talk with friends-of-friends who speak different languages, according to Clubhouse. When you start a chat, you can set it to “friends only” or “friends-of-friends.”
“The new update is a big evolution of Clubhouse, designed to let you talk with your favourite people more easily, every time you open the app,” said the company.
Also, with Chats users can push to talk, listen at 2x, tap to skip, swipe to the next Chat, and chat privately. “With Chats, you can hear your friends laugh, sense when they seem tired or sick, smile when they get animated, and look at their faces when they’re talking. You actually get to know people,” explained the company.
The older format isn’t going away. “You can still have live rooms, and they will continue to be a central part of Clubhouse, just like they always have been,” said Clubhouse in the blog post.

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