Earthquake of magnitude 3.6 hits Telangana’s Warangal

An earthquake of magnitude 3.6 hit Telangana’s Warangal at around 4:43 am on pre-dawn Friday, the National Center for Seismology (NCS) said.

The earthquake was detected at a depth of 30 kilometres.(iStock)

Earthquake of magnitude : 3.6, occurred on 25-08-2023, 04:43:11 IST, latitude: 18.04 and longitude: 80.80, Depth: 30 Km , location: 127km east of Warangal, Telangana…,” the NCS posted on X (formerly Twitter).

What to do during an earthquake:

One should always keep calm and reassure others in the event of an earthquake.

During the event, one should always look for the safest place – an open space, away from buildings.

For those indoors, people should take cover under a desk, table, or a bed and stay away from glass panes, windows.

Keeping calm, one should not rush to go out of the building as it may cause a stampede.

If outside, one should move away from buildings and utility wires and moving vehicles should be stopped immediately.

It should be kept in mind to free all pets and domestic animals so that they can run away and one should be out in the open till the vibrations stop.

It is also advised not to use candles, matches and put all fires out.

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