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Telecom equipment maker Ericsson has partnered with Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC) to launch a Center of Excellence (CoE) at Delhi Skill & Entrepreneurship University (DSEU). The CoE will train students on 5G and emerging technologies along with job placements post the completion of the selected module by the student. Around 300 students will receive the training in the first year of the program.

The rollout of 5G networks in India, the rapid adoption of smartphones and IoTdevices in the country, as well as the boost in the manufacturing sector, have led to the creation of new skill requirements in the telecom sector.

Ericsson together with TSSC is looking at addressing this gap by providing training and skill development to students in addition to providing career opportunities in the telecom sector.

Ericsson-TSSC student upskill program: Details
The modules being offered to students include training to be a 5G network engineer, technical training for handheld devices and for IOT devices/systems as well as line assembly of telecom products. The industry-approved training modules include theory lessons as well as hands-on practical training for the students in the Skill Labs set up in the CoE.

Ericsson’s other educational initiatives in India

Ericsson’s educational initiatives in India include providing financial support to girls from underprivileged sections of society who are pursuing technical education. As part of its Connect To Learn initiative, Ericsson has been running 40 centres across the country to provide ICT and soft skills training to underprivileged youth to boost their employability.
Furthermore, to stimulate students’ interest in technology and provide digital skills including coding, programming and robotics, Ericsson has set up 15 Robotic Labs in the country. Through Ericsson’s flagship program Connect to Learn, 400,000 children and young adults in 36 countries have been provided with access to digital learning and skills development programs.

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