Hotel In China Slammed For Its Policy Of Charging Extra For Second Shower

The hotel imposes the cost to reduce excessive water consumption by guests

A hotel in China has attracted criticism on social media for its policy of charging customers for taking a second bath or shower, South China Morning Post reported. Notably, the high-end hotel charges its customers a hefty 2,500 yuan (Rs 28,850) per night. 

The issue came to light when an unidentified Chinese woman booked a two-night stay in the hotel in Yunnan province in southwestern China. When she entered the room, she saw a sign that left her shocked. The sign stated that customers will have to pay extra for a second shower or bath. Apparently, this is being done to save water.

The woman shared the photo of the sign, which quickly went viral. 

Later, a hotel staff member explained the logic, saying that the hotel imposed the cost to reduce excessive water consumption by guests showering or bathing more than once.

Another staff member added that the hotel needed to ensure a regular water supply for guests during the summer holiday season. He also informed that the sign has been on display for a month, but no guest had been slapped with the additional fee as of yet.

However, people on social media weren’t convinced and slammed the hotel for the bizarre fee. Others also had various questions, with one person asking, ”What happens if two people stay in a room?”

Another wrote, ”Does the hotel charge for air conditioning usage?”

Talking of unusual policies, a family in Italy was horrified when a restaurant charged them 20 euros (Rs 1,800) to have their cake cut into 20 pieces. The family was celebrating a birthday at a restaurant in Palermo, Sicily, reported New York Post.

The bill stated an additional fee of “20 X Servizio Torta” or “20 x cake service.” The diners were shocked and couldn’t understand the rationale behind the seemingly exorbitant fee for an essential service.


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