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The US Open tennis tournament got underway last week and some of the biggest names are in action. Along with the players, artificial intelligence is also flexing its muscles at the year’s last Grand Slam tournament. According to a report by Venture Beat, IBM has been collaborating with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to up its digital game, including the use of AI.
IBM is using its own generative AI model called watsonx to create detailed audio commentary as well as captions. The audio is used with the highlight videos of the US Open. According to the report, IBM is doing this for all the matches at the US Open.
IBM’s collaborative efforts with others
To implement the IBM watsonx powered AI Commentary, experts from IBM iX, the experience design partner within IBM Consulting, worked with the USTA to leverage foundation models within watsonx to build and train AI models in the unique language of tennis. Operating across a hybrid cloud infrastructure enabled by Red Hat OpenShift, generative AI built on these foundation models was applied to produce commentary with varied sentence structure and vocabulary to make the clips informative and engaging. The AI commentary feature was developed based on the watsonx enterprise-ready data and AI platform, designed to enable businesses to accelerate generative AI work by leveraging foundation models and machine learning in one place, with their own data.
Furthermore, IBM is also providing AI-powered analysis to powers. This feature provides an AI-powered analysis of the relative difficulty of each singles player’s draw. This information can help fans to predict which players are most likely to advance to the later rounds of the tournament.
In addition to these new features, IBM is also using AI to power a number of other fan experiences at the US Open, including the IBM Power Index, which uses AI to predict each player’s chances of winning the tournament.

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