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NEW DELHI: The 2023 Ashes series was marked by numerous controversial incidents, but one that generated the most discussion centered around Jonny Bairstow‘s dismissal by Alex Carey. The situation escalated to the point where Carey began receiving online abuse via Instagram from English fans.
Addressing the issue in an interview with Fox Sports, Carey mentioned that he initially didn’t pay much attention to the online abuse. However, the situation escalated to such an extent that he ultimately decided to deactivate his Instagram account for a week in response to the overwhelming negativity he was receiving.
“There were a lot of nasty comments that came my way, or came the family’s way, so post-incident it was pretty aggressive and something new as well. I haven’t had that animosity come my way so that was new. It’s not uncommon for us players to receive these, but there were just a few more on this occasion,” said Carey.
Further, Carey added, “I didn’t really look into it much, I didn’t have to. I had a lot of people looking at it and monitoring it. You don’t really need to see them. A lot of comments got deleted. It did get pretty nasty from reports. Initially again, if your wife jumps online and you see (you) getting abused or even them getting abused for being your wife and kids, you probably don’t take it too well.”

The incident occurred during the second match of the Ashes Test series, where Bairstow’s dismissal transpired due to Carey’s action. Bairstow was run out by Carey from behind the wicket as he prematurely walked off, assuming he had evaded a short-pitched delivery.
The cricket community swiftly responded with widespread disappointment towards the incident. However, several former Australian players quickly utilised social media to voice their support for Carey and his actions during the situation.
Carey justified the incident and said he did nothing wrong. “But 24 hours or 48 hours after that, things simmer down and you understand you’ve done nothing wrong, and nothing changes. I actually deleted Instagram for a week or so and just put the phone down and focused on being present with the family.”
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