‘I didn’t like what happened’: Love Island USA season 5 winner Marco Donatelli says he felt ‘baited’ by Casa Amor

‘Love Island USA’ season 5 has found its winners – Marco Donatelli and Hannah Wright. Marco, however, has now revealed how he felt ‘baited’ by the Casa Amor twist, leaving him with a feeling of resentment.

Marco Donatelli has revealed how he felt ‘baited’ by the Casa Amor twist (marcoadonatelli/Instagram)

Marco and Hannah were notably coupled up within just the first week of being in the villa. However, they had to face the Casa Amor week after living together for a few weeks. They had to split off and spend time with separate groups, which tested their relationship and put them in a situation where they were likely to form other bonds.

In an interview with Screen Rant, Marco explained how he felt “baited” by the Casa Amor week. “Casa was a roller coaster for me…I didn’t like Casa Amor, I didn’t like what happened to me,” he said.

‘It wasn’t something I wanted to happen’

While Marco’s ex-girlfriend Hannah Ortega was supposed to meet him, he was tricked into believing that he would go on a date with Hannah Wright. “[When I told] the boys, they were all baited in [thinking I was going to see Hannah], but we all know Love Island at that moment [was tricking us],” Marco said.

Marco revealed that his ex entering the villa did not make him happy, although he managed to handle the situation well. “I was not impressed,” Marco said. I wasn’t feeling it. It wasn’t something I wanted to happen. It was an ex-situationship, not even a girlfriend, but I’ve got to give it to her–she capitalized on the opportunity she had.” Marco added that though his ex’s presence was meant to sway him away from the Hannah he’d chosen, “I knew…I wasn’t going to turn my head, we were closed off [from other connections]…I [was] really inspired by the love I created with Hannah.”

However, Marco and Hannah’s bond remained strong until the end. Hannah later revealed that the Casa Amor week, hard as it was, was an amazing way to help them strengthen their bond.

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