‘I’m a dad now,’ PewDiePie returns to YouTube with an emotional video. Watch

PewDiePie, the YouTube Moghul has made a highly-anticipated comeback on the platform, capturing attention with a monumental moment in his life.

PewDiePie and Marzia welcome their son Björn (YouTube/PewDiePie)

The prolific YouTuber and streamer—born Felix Kjellberg, recently unveiled his first video in several weeks, focusing on an intimate subject: the birth of his first child.

Hailing from Sweden, PewDiePie has earned a remarkable status as one of the most influential creators on the platform over the past decade. His subscriber count, currently standing at an impressive 111 million, underscores his widespread popularity.

The announcement of his impending fatherhood created a buzz back in February, as PewDiePie and his wife shared the exciting news. This anticipation culminated in the arrival of their son, Björn.

The comprehensive video that PewDiePie shared offers an emotional narrative of the events leading up to Björn’s birth, as well as the initial weeks of his journey into fatherhood.

The 16-minute-long video opens with PewDiePie driving his wife Marzia to the hospital, candidly expressing his nervousness about the impending situation. He openly admits his lack of experience in fatherhood, making the moment both relatable and endearing. Despite some initial concerns that Marzia might need a C-section, the birth of Björn unfolds smoothly.

The video also provides a glimpse into PewDiePie’s adjustment to life at home with a newborn. The reactions of his beloved dogs, Edgar and Maya, add a heartwarming touch. Edgar, who has gained fame within PewDiePie’s community, was notably featured in a tourism promotion for Japan’s Gunma Prefecture last year.

The significant life transition of becoming a father naturally brings changes to PewDiePie’s content creation pace.

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While the prolific YouTuber took a notable break last year, citing a need for better work-life balance, his recent hiatus was announced in preparation for Björn’s arrival. The extent of PewDiePie’s future content remains uncertain, particularly considering the transformative role of parenthood.

It’s worth noting that PewDiePie’s presence on Twitch has faced its own challenges. His Twitch account was unexpectedly banned a few weeks ago, the reasons for which remain undisclosed. The ban occurred while re-runs of his previous content were being aired.

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