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The latest episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 15 starts with Amitabh Bachchan making a dashing entry and playing Fastest Finger First. Kunal Sinh Dodia from Ahmedabad, Gujarat wins and makes it to the hot seat. Kunal is a young Police Sub Inspector in the Ahmedabad police force and is currently associated with the Human Rights department in the DG office.
Big Bwelcomes Kunal on the hot seat and says that he is scared of cops as they have the power to stop anyone anywhere.They ask to park the vehicle aside and then do the drink and drive checking. They then talk about Kunal’s smiling face which he doesn’t know if it is an advantage or disadvantage as when you are a cop, you are considered to be serious. Amitabh Bachchan then presents the first question of the day for Rs 1000. It is a image question. This equipment is placed over which parts of your body. Kunal picks the correct answer Option A) Mouth and Nose.
The second question for Rs 2000 was Which animal acts as an umpire in the film, Hum Aapke Hain Koun? The correct option is D) Dog and Kunal gets it right. Later, Big B reveals that Madhuri Dixit adopted the puppy “Tuffy” after the film’s release.
After answering questions back to back, Kunal reaches Rs 10,000 question mark. In which of these strokes does the swimmer swim with his torso facing up? The correct answer is option D) Backstroke and Kunal correctly answers it. Kunal goes on to share the reason behind being on the show. He says that while he is a hard worker, Kunal humorously confessed to Mr. Bachchan that he is a different person at home, claiming to be a lazy bone who chooses to complete tasks at his own pace.
Due to this, his father and his other family members are not fond of this behaviour. And often, Kunal agrees to disagree with his father, especially when it comes to the topic that he is not responsible enough. His wife also complains that he never takes her out anywhere and that she has given up hopes on him. She says the major complain she has that he never diets and his profession requires him to be fit. When Big B questions him he says that it is his default setting. Big B urges him to change him a little after the show and he agrees.

Mr Bachchan continues with the game and reads out the question for Rs 20,000. Who is the personality shown in this image. The correct Option is A) Dr Varghese Kurien and Kunal gets it right. He faces the next question Rs 40,000 and as he is not sure of the answer, he takes the help of a life line, Audience poll. Who among the Pandavas entered heaven in his human form? The correct answer is A) Yudhishthira. Kunal goes with the audience and wins the amount.
Amitabh Bachchan asks if he was always interested in joining police. He reveals that during college days he had a crush. He then reveals his love story with his wife how they initially didn’t want to get married and his wife had called him ‘takla and Kaala’ because he was training to join police force and was tanned and had a particular haircut. Big B laughs hearing Kunal’s story. But eventually, they decided to get married.
Kunal answers the 8th question for Rs 80,000. The BCCI pledged to plant 500 tress every time what happened in the playoff matches of this year’s IPL? Kunal once again swiftly answers the question and goes with C) Dot ball and wins the amount. He next goes on to answer the 9th question for Rs 1,60,000. The question is Shri Ravi Sinha was appointed as the secretary of which of these organisations in June 2023? Kunal yet again answers the questions without help of any lifeline and gets it right. The answer was D) Raw.
The game continued with him and stay tuned to this space for more updates.

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