Manipur Governor Ends Suspense, Summons Assembly Session On August 29


The Manipur Governor has summoned the long-pending session of the state assembly on August 29. The assembly had last convened for the budget session from February 21 to March 3. After the ethnic violence started in May, the government recommended a session by August 21, and later revised the date to August 28.

The Article 174 of the Constitution maintains that “six months shall not intervene between its [state legislature] last sitting in one Session and the date appointed for its first sitting in the next Session”.

Over the last month, Opposition parties and Meitei civil society groups have been repeatedly asking for reconvention of the assembly.

Sources said 10 Kuki MLAs might skip the session and the tribe’s civil society might oppose it. The Kuki MLAs has refused to attend the session as the assembly is located in the Meitei-dominated Imphal Valley.

Naga tribe MLAs, though, will attend the session, sources said.

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