Mystifying Alien Corpses In Mexico Congress; ‘3-Fingered Hands, Elongated Skulls…’ I Watch

The Mexican Congress held a never-heard-before event, discussing the existence of aliens. UFO researcher Jaime Maussan presented two ‘alien corpses’ claimed to be 1000-year-olds. Maussan said that ‘alien corpses’ were found in Peru in 2017. The creatures are tiny in stature and chalky in colour; each has three-fingered hands and elongated heads. Watch this video to know if this is real or fake. #alien #corpses #mexico #mexicocongress #aliencorpses #fake #real #testimony #ufo #nonhumans #peru #unveil #jaimemaussan Hindustan Times Videos bring you news, views and explainers about current issues in India and across the globe. We’re always excited to report the news as quickly as possible, use new technological tools to reach you better and tell stories with a 360 degree view to give you a better understanding of the world around you.


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