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Generative AI is taking huge strides and changing the technology landscape. AI has gone beyond being a buzzword and is being actively promoted by tech bigwigs. According to a report by The Information, Amazon is empowering its sellers with an AI tool that will help them do product listings. The report mentions thatAmazon is rolling out an artificial intelligence tool for sellers on its marketplace that will write copy for product listings. This is one of the first examples of Amazon integrating large-language models into its e-commerce business, the report mentioned.

What will the AI tool do?
The tool will use AI to analyse all the product information like title, images, reviews and then generate a product description. The report states that the seller will then review the description before publishing it on Amazon. The idea is to save time and effort as writing product descriptions can be a time consuming process.

Amazon reportedly told The Information that the tool will help sellers to create engaging descriptions, which will further help them sell more products. As of now, the tool will be made available to a limited number of sellers and is expected to expand to more later this year.

Human editing still allowed

There might be skepticism over how AI-generated content could lower the quality of product descriptions. It could be possible that the descriptions lack the personal touch. Amazon has made it clear that it will not replace human written content with AI-generate content. Sellers can still edit the AI-generated descriptions to make sure they are accurate and engaging.
Amazon has strict guidelines in place for sellers when it comes to product descriptions. For instance, any product description should exclude inappropriate content such as obscene or offensive materials, links or contact information, plot spoilers, reviews or requests for reviews, and advertising. Furthermore, it should accurately categorise and describe the product.

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