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These Tollywood films met with a tragic fate.

Pawan Kalyan left the film Satyagrahi because of creative issues with the director.

The film industry is a place full of uncertainty. The business is dependent on various factors. Some projects take off smoothly, starting with a customary puja ceremony and ending with a wrap-up party. There are some films, however, that come to a halt unexpectedly, even after a lot of effort. We have often heard cases where movies are prematurely halted, keeping the audience wondering whether there will be further announcements on its continuation. These unforeseen events have often impacted the movie-making business. Many films in Tollywood, featuring A-list actors like Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan, often met with such a fate. Let’s take a look at them.


Several speculations were going around in 2003 when Pawan Kalyan left Satyagrahi because of creative issues with the director. According to some, the actor considered making a political statement through that movie, but few influences scared him away from doing so. Despite all of these claims, producer AM Ratnam said that Pawan had requested that the movie be stopped.


In 2004, it was reported that a mythological movie starring Nandamuri Balakrishna, Soundarya, and Srihari, was in the works; but the film could not be completed. The film was Balakrishna’s dream venture. The movie was officially announced in 2004, and its filming took place briefly. Due to the sudden death of the film’s female lead Soundarya in a plane crash, it was abruptly cancelled. The movie was centred on an incident from the Mahabharata and had an established cast, featuring Balakrishna, who was also making his directorial debut with the film.


Ram Charan and Tamil director Dharani agreed to collaborate on the sports movie Merupu after their 2010 romance drama Orange. Kajal Aggarwal was set to star in the movie, which RB Choudhary was funding. The movie was supposed to come out in 2011; however, it was put on hold for unidentified reasons.

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