”Sorry. Not Sorry”: Ashneer Grover Reacts To Case Over His Indore Cleanliness Remark

On Indore’s top rank in cleanliness survey, Ashneer Grover said the tag has been ‘bought’.

Entrepreneur Ashneer Grover has posted a strong-worded tweet in response to a defamation case filed against him for his comments on Indore’s top rank in the Centre’s cleanliness survey. He reacted to the row by saying ”Sorry to Indore” but adding that he was ”not sorry to any politician”.

Notably, a non-cognisable offence information report was registered against him on Monday after a video showed him commenting on Indore’s top rank in the Centre’s cleanliness survey and purportedly claiming it had been “bought”. The city has remained on top in the Centre’s Swachh Sarvekshan for six consecutive years.

”Sorry. Not Sorry. Sorry to Indore. You’ve got great people and a city. But politicians everywhere have got no chill. Unnecessary politics being made out of a statement made in jest in a playful conversation on Bhopal vs. Indore. Where the audience had fun – no offence was meant. None taken by anyone. No one getting offended now was even present in the room,” Mr Grover wrote on X.

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He further said that he doesn’t care about an FIR, commenting that he wasn’t ”a pushover” and ”won’t be bullied”.

He added, ”Not Sorry to any politician. Ever. No one. Any party. Fire an FIR. File a case. It doesn’t matter – I am not a pushover – won’t be bullied. Don’t make an issue where there is none. It might be an election year – but people are smart. Indori people – super smart. I’ll come to Indore when I wish, as many times I wish…’.

He concluded by saying that Bhopal is his favourite, and also called it ”India’s best city.”

In an event in Indore, Mr Grover was heard in the video saying, “See, there is a concept – playing to the gallery, that is, wherever you go, praise it saying I have never seen such a nice city. Now the problem with me is that for three-four years I have heard that Indore is the cleanest city…you have bought the survey. It’s a simple thing.”

Mr Grover, however, immediately clarified he was not saying there was filth in Indore, and that he meant several construction works are going on in the city. Indore’s Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava called his statement ”an insult to the hard work of the city’s people and sanitation workers for cleanliness.”

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