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BENGALURU: GalaxEye, a SpaceTech start-up, on Tuesday unveiled its high-resolution aerial UAV-based Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) System that can perform exceptionally detailed and high resolution all-weather imaging, even amidst rainy or cloudy conditions.
The technology comes ahead of the firm’s planned highest-resolution multi-sensor imaging satellite. “The in-house developed data fusion technology will deliver unprecedented insights and data from space, empowering satellite constellations to conduct all-weather imaging without succumbing to the atmospheric hindrances that plagues current single-sensor satellites,” the firm said in a statement.
Stating that this technology opens doors for generating highly detailed images through a compact satellite constellation, the firm said, upon achieving full operational capacity, this constellation will achieve global coverage within a 12-hour time frame.
The capability of constant all-weather, all-time imaging, combined with precise object geometry analysis, holds immense value across diverse sectors such as Insurance, precision agriculture, accurate property tax assessments, and the monitoring of utilities like transmission lines to name a few.

GalaxEye’s Drishti Sensor, India’s First Drone based SAR

Isro Capacity Building & Public Outreach (CBPO) director Sudheer Kumar, said: “India is budding with young space startups. Among them, GalaxEye has been able to prove their capabilities in such a short period of time that too with difficult technologies like SAR. We’re keen to see young space talent shaping the future of the Indian space economy.”
V Kamakoti, Director, IIT-Madras, said: “Space technology is currently a very active area having several young entrepreneurs. GalaxEye Space, spun out of IIT Madras, has grown leaps and bounds since their incorporation. We are proud of their achievements and look forward to more such Make In India initiatives. We shall continue to nurture and continue to support budding entrepreneurs in the several ways possible.”
“When we founded GalaxEye in 2021, our goal was to build a Tech Demonstrator prior to embarking on satellite launch. This achievement stands as a testament to the tech prowess of our team and demonstration of our commitment to our Drishti Mission. Furthermore, it holds the potential to solve and address a multitude of commercial and strategic use cases/applications”, said Suyash Singh, Co-founder & CEO, GalaxEye Space. “Along with India’s recent space successes such as the Chandrayaan-3 Mission and National Space Day, this accomplishment adds to underscore the promising landscape of India’s space-tech ecosystem”, he added.
Started in 2021, GalaxEye is the brainchild of entrepreneurs emerging from Avishkar Hyperloop by Suyash Singh, Denil Chawda, Kishan Thakkar, Pranit Mehta and Rakshit Bhatt. GalaxEye is working on deploying a satellite constellation with a first-of-its-kind sensor based on data fusion to provide the most comprehensive imagery dataset from space. The unique Data-as-a-Service model helps businesses and governments make data-driven decisions based on insights from satellite imagery.
The start-up, spun out of IIT Madras, has inked strategic partnerships and commercial contracts with leading organizations, including US-based space software provider Antaris Inc, XDLINX Labs, Ananth Technologies, and Dassault Systemes. The company is committed to further expanding its partnerships and customer base in the upcoming months. In line with the same, GalaxEye has submitted a proposal to IN-SPACe seeking invaluable support from ISRO to take its endeavors forward.

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