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Last Updated: August 10, 2023, 09:33 IST

Sushmita Sen’s Taali is set for a premiere on August 15. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Sushmita Sen revealed she wasn’t enjoying work nor was there any motivating factor left for her to get back on sets when she decided to take a break.

After making her comeback in the Emmy-nominated crime thriller show Aarya, Sushmita Sen will be seen playing the lead role in Taali. The premiere date of the biographical drama series is inching closer, and the 90s bombshell recently sat down with Indian Express to discuss her second innings in showbiz after nearly eight years. Sushmita Sen took a break from the glam Industry when her daughter Alisah was young. The actress revealed she wasn’t enjoying work nor was there any motivating factor left for her to get back on sets. What drove her to take the hiatus involved ample mother and parent guilt.

“I am on a set, and I am waiting endlessly for XYZ to arrive. But I am not really working. Then I have a 9-6 shift, which is dragging to another 9 with no fault of mine. In that situation, I was neither a professional nor a mother,” she said. Once Sushmita realised she was just wasting time, the actress decided No Problem would be her last film. “At that point, I was not really enjoying anything, not learning, I wasn’t motivated to go to work. It took a while but it’s back,” she added. When asked about facing gender biases in the acting fraternity, Sushmita admitted it would happen a lot in the 90s.

According to her, for female actresses, it was all about shooting item songs, costumes, and about how many breakdown scenes one had. She admitted to growing tired because there wasn’t any learning left for her to do in the process. “I have no way of catering to egos. I have no problem being like this student of arts, cinema, and life but it’s a big problem catering to egos. I can’t do that. So, it was not a good idea for me either because I didn’t quite fit in,” she added. While making her big return, Sushmita explained she didn’t wish to be a hero of a series of films. All she wanted to do was not settle for less. The actress believes she’ll go on a hiatus for another eight years but, “will only work if it gives me that thrill.”

Sushmita Sen finds herself quite lucky with Arya. “With Aarya, it was a hands-down win. The script and then with Ram Madhvani coming in, it was a killer combination,” she said. The actress will next soon be seen playing the real-life role of transgender activist Shreegauri Sawant in Taali. The show will premiere on JioCinema on August 15.

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