US singer Mary Millben again backs PM on Manipur issue: ‘Modi will always…’

US singer Mary Millben once again came in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the ongoing ‘Manipur issue’, after she “thanked him” for the same in July for publicly addressing the “inhuman behavior against women” in the strife-torn northeastern state. Millben now said, “Modi will always fight for your freedom” and that India has confidence in its leader.

During Modi’s historic state visit to the United States in June, Mary Millben touched his feet after singing Jana Gana Mana.

Taking to the microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter), the US singer, who touched Modi’s feet during his state visit to the country in June, wrote, “The truth: India has confidence in its leader. The mothers, daughters, and women of #Manipur, India will receive justice. And #PMModi will always fight for your freedom.”

The American singer also took a jibe at the Opposition in India and talked in terms of an apparent particular reference to the Congress. “The truth: to associate with a party that dishonors cultural legacy, denies children the right to sing the anthem of its country, and degrades one’s country abroad, this is not leadership. This is unprincipled,” she said.

“Dishonest journalism will paint false narratives. Opposition voices will chant loudly without substance. But the truth, the truth will always set people free,” Millben further wrote. Referring to Martin Luther King Jr.’s words, “Let Freedom Ring” – who led the American civil rights movement in the mid-1950s, also a Nobel Peace Prize winner – Millben wrote, “My beloved India, let truth…ring.”

She supported Modi over the ‘no-confidence motion’ brought against his government in India and said, “You have my confidence. I’m praying for you. #LokSabha.”

Millben’s earlier message to Modi

Earlier in July, prior to the Monsoon Session, a two-month-old video of two women being paraded naked in the violence-hit Manipur state of India went viral on social media and shocked the entire nation. On the first day of the session, PM Modi addressed the issue and said, “The incident has shamed 140 crore Indians, and no guilty would be spared.”

Millben thanked the prime minister for “publicly addressing the inhuman behavior against the women in Manipur.” Calling the women “children of God,” Millben said, “My heart grieves for the women assaulted in Manipur.”

During Modi’s historic state visit to the United States in June, Mary Millben touched his feet after singing Jana Gana Mana – India’s national anthem – and the video of the same went viral. Touching feet in order to seek blessings is an Indian cultural practice, and the enactment of that on the international platform by an American artist drew praises for PM Modi.

No-confidence against Modi govt defeated

The no-confidence motion against the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government was defeated in the Lok Sabha on Thursday following a three-day-long debate that concluded with a fierce speech by the prime minister in the House.

The motion was defeated in a voice vote called by the Speaker of the Lok Sabha, shortly after which the Opposition MPs, including Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi, walked out of the chamber.

Replying to the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “The people of the country have repeatedly reposed trust in our govt, want to thank them all.”

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