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WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow new members in the group to access messages sent in the group 24 hours prior to their joining. The feature, called “Recent History Sharing”, will only be accessible to group admins.
“This feature will automatically share messages sent in the group 24 hours before someone new joins. When turned on, all group members will always be notified within the group chat thanks to a dedicated message event,” said WABetainfo, a platform that tests WhatsApp features before they are rolled out to the masses.
The feature has been spotted on WhatsApp beta for Android and will be available in a future update of the app.
How it may help users
The feature may be helpful to new group members. When a person joins a new group, there is a high possibility that he/ she does not understand the context of the messages that are being shared if previous messages were sent before the user became a member of the group.
Once enabled by the admin, the feature will enable the new group members to read messages that were shared before they joined the group. This way, a lot of messages will make sense for the new members of the group.
Group renaming feature
The development comes as WhatsApp announced a feature that will allow users to create groups on the instant messaging app without having to name them.
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the update on his Instagram channel and Facebook handle. This feature is being rolled out globally and will reach all devices over the next few weeks.
This means that users will be able to create a group even if they have not decided on a name.
At that time, the group will be dynamically named based on who is in a group. Each user will see a different name of the group based on how they have contacts saved in their phone. Unnamed groups can have up to six participants.

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