“Worked 12 Hours A Day”: Unsung Heroes Who Made G20 A Success

New Delhi:

Thousands of workers have worked for over a year behind the scenes to make the concluded G20 meet a huge success. A few of them, who worked on Bharat Mandapam — the ground zero of the Summit, told NDTV it was a great experience and they were extremely happy and proud that the meet was a huge success.  

“It was a great experience and many of our friends have worked on this project… We are happy that G20 was held in our country for the first time. We even had a chance to see and meet the great people who came from abroad for this event,” Vishal Pande told NDTV.

Mr Pande and his friends have been doing “the “finishing” job on the refurbished pavilions of Pragati Maidan, for which they had taken a tender. It has provided jobs to many, he said.  

“We are very happy that it all went smoothly,” said Mr Pande, who has been working at the site for four years, long before G20 was announced.  

Raj Mishra, who worked as part of a cleaning team of 40, said they were working 12-hour shifts in the run-up to the summit. But now that the meet is over, their work load has not reduced.

Asked how he felt about the meet, he said, “What can I say? It felt great”.

A mammoth repair and beautification drive was undertaken in Delhi for the G20 Sumit that included building of 10 roads,  installation of 31 statues and 90 fountains on roads, grooming of 1.65 lakh plants and the installation of decorative lighting.

At Bharat Mandapam,  various exhibitions were set up for the guests that showcased the country’s technological advancement and innovation.

A “Culture Corridor” was also set up to celebrate the shared heritage of G20 members and invitee countries.

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